Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I came across a wonderful book "Discover Islam" by the well known USA's Al-Jumu'ah publication. Sometimes its good to read in the perspectives of those who would try to explain Islam to the non-muslims, especially when it comes to the challenging  and thrilling type of questions. And yes, it really does sound sensible. The reasonings, the logic behind Allah's deen. When you look at the hikmah, surely you would be more confident in the truth. I sure am, insyaAllah.

I've always heard from reverts' experiences when they explain about how they find the explanation to Islam really relevant. I know it is, it's just that when I read the articles in this book, alhamdulillah I am more convinced.

The way the authors deliver the message was indeed in a wise way, not trying to crack any jokes or anything (remember what the prophet said? about laughing would make the heart insensitive), serious in the matter, yet the construction of the language is simple.

Here's an example..If someone came up to you and asks "Why does Islam oppress, you women? Keep you in houses and just serve your husbands" I once talked to my German neighbour and he did express his thoughts of this. Its true that some Muslim cultures oppress women due to local customs, but this is contrary to the Islamic teachings. Islam elevated the status of women over 1400 years agon by declaring them the sisters of men, giving them the right of education to the highest level, the right to choose a husband, the right to end an unhappy marriage, the right to inheritance. Like what they say, don't look at the reckless driver driving the car, but at the quality of the car itself. Its not the fault of the car if the driver doesn't behave as he is suppose to.

Overall, I quote this from the article about "Why is alcohol prohibited in Islam?" 
Allah, in His infinite wisdom, made injunctions aimed at preserving the individual and society. Hence the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Islam. It is worth mentioning that when Muslims refrain from doing things that Allah has forbidden, they do not do so because of detrimental effects but because Allah has prohibited them. Their aim in this world is to obey Allah's commands, and by doing so they benefit themselves.

So, my brothers and sisters. Yes, it is proven that the commandments that Allah has sent in the Qur'an are proven today to be scientifically correct, for Allah is the Khaleeq. Most of the facts that have been discovered recently in this 21st century, was mentioned some 1400 years ago. Facts like mountains as pegs, or barriers that exist when two oceans meet. But how about those that do not have scientific evidences,yet? Would we still believe it? 

The most important thing, is the aqeedah. If Allah says so, then we obey so. 

I took a pic of the following during a seminar in Auckland last year. Just wanted to share it :) (click on it to read it clearer)


So let's reflect back on our iman, o Believers!