Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I was thinking back on how I would apply the things that I learn here in uni to show that it's a part of Islam. Coz after all, Islam is every single aspect in our lives aiyh?

So let's see....Mathematics. numbers..equations..theorems..and back to numbers does that relate to Islam? An Australian professor Trevor Bond who was my dad's friend told me that the beauty of maths is its perfection. No flaws. The right exact solution..hmmm..I'm still trying to look for answers for that, to be convinced that is..He did suggest a few books to read (duh! he's an academician)..anyway, back to our discussion. There was this one tv show on astro that showed how by maths, you could get miracles!

There was this one lady who worked in a hospital. Back home, his grandfather suddenly felt a rush of pain in his chest and went to get the phone. He dialled the number that he thought to be his daughter's number ( which was the mom to this lady..if you're following). But somehow that number turned out to ring a telephone at the hospital hallway where his granddaughter was exactly passing at that particular time. That lady was surprised to hear her grandfather's voice, calling her her mom and asking for help. SubhanaAllah isn't that too good to be considered as coincidence!

Mathematically, or should I say it - statistically, what was the probability for the grandpa to reach his granddaughter with a wrong number? (perhaps, just by one digit!) And from all the hospitals in town, he called the correct hospital where her granddaughter was working. And from the dozens of passageways in the hospital, he managed to call that one hallway which her granddaughter just happen to be at. A miracle?

Subhanallah. Nothing is coincidence. Everything has been planned by Allah. "The pen has been lifted and the ink has dried", remember? 
Does He who created not know, while He is the Subtle (Al-Lateef), the Acquainted (Al-Khabeer)?
                                                                                            [Al Mulk, 67:14]

So maths is a way to show the greatness of AlMighty Allah subhana wata'ala. That's just one. There's many to it if you just spend time and think :)

How about Physics? At first, I thought I loved Physics because..well..I dunno..probably just because I'm pretty good at it. But to learn it more in depth, and with the tarbiyyah in mind, Allahuakbar, I could see how Great Allah is. How truly He is the Supreme Architect of the worlds. MasyaAllah.

But its pity. Pity to see how those whom have no faith in Allah, see the world. They are so eager to dig up all the science there is, without even having the slightest clue on what these science are actually telling them.

Here's an analogy. A great scientist have been living overseas and is apart from his wife and other family members. After a long while, he receives a letter from his beloved wife. He was so obsessed with the science around him, he looked at the letter and tried to figure out what it was made of. Was the paper from this particular tree or that? Had his wife's handwriting change since the last letter? Was the paper a quality one? What was the ink his wife was writing with? So all day long he compared, and weighed, and made all sorts of experiment to the letter. When his colleagues asked him, how was his wife? He couldn't answer. Why? because he did not bother what the letter was all about, but was more into what made it that way.

Wake up people! All the things that are around us, are proves to the existence of the One God!

I pray that Allah would give me and you hidayah for seeing the world with an Islamic Eye, the way it should be.

Till then. Assalamualaikum~