Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh
Just remembered the five weeks break I had back in Malaysia recently. Alhamdulillah I would say that I did manage to make 80% use of my time...Nah..that's too high. I'll make it 70%. Still, it's a great personal achievement for me! Remembering back the loads of wasted time after SPM (it was a good thing I spent 3 months at the National Service) and IB, I definitely deserve a round of applause :P

I had wonderful time with Ummi. Eventhough she'd kept on blabbing everyday about praying on time, I honestly learnt something. Before coming back I had this determination to force myself to follow Ummi's orders. I've always been pretty lazy to wake up early for Subuh especially when it comes to going to the mosque. She'd have to go through the same process every single day- wake us up 30 minutes before Subuh, then shouting telling its 5 minutes to subuh, then when its time, she'll even shout louder to get us to hurry up or else we'd be left behind.

Ummi loves to repeat this analogy - When you're on for a flight, you would plan your journey well. What time you'd be stepping out of your doorstep. How would you manage everything so that things would go smooth and be right on time for your flight. It goes the same with solat. It's amazing how those people get to pray on time, five times a day especially for subuh. SubhanAllah. Why aren't we like that? Just have to get ready before time.Yup yup yup. Before the solat time.

Other family members--> Alhamdulillah, I was happy with those excited faces when I said I brought something for them from New Zealand, the so called "Land of the Hobbitons". My aunties, uncles, cousins, and everyone else. I guess people do appreciate if we remember them. I was like "Bukannya pape pun. Beli sket2 je" and my brother was like "Its the thought that matters, bukannya harga barang yang beli tu". Alhamdulillah.Thanks to my friends for they were the ones that were all excited on buying stuff for their families, which dragged me into it. Anyway, I hope that so-not-much-of-a-souvenier made them happy :)


InsyaAllah, continuing the rest of summer here in Auckland, I do hope that I could be as consistent as I was back home. Just need someone to yell at me at times, or even bang me on head so that I don't get too carried away, especially now that I'm starting on my fifth Harry Potter book.

Okie dokie. See ya later, alligator.
Till next time, InsyaAllah

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.